TBioCAS 2017

H. Kassiri, S. Tonekaboni, M. T. Salam, N. Soltani, K. Abdelhalim, J. L. Perez Velazquez, R. Genov, “Closed-Loop Neurostimulators: A Survey and a Seizure-Predicting Design Example for Intractable Epilepsy Treatment,” IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, Vol. 11, No. 5, pp. 1026-1040, Oct. 2017. (Invited, special issue on best papers of IEEE ISCAS’16 Conference) [Full Text

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Epilepsia 2017

H. Kassiri, M. T. Salam, J. L. Perez Velazquez, R. Genov, “Brain Synchrony‐Contingent Neurostimulator for Treatment of Drug‐Resistant Epilepsy,” in “Seizure detection and neuromodulation: A summary of data presented at the XIII conference on new antiepileptic drug and devices (EILAT XIII),” edited by M. Bialer, et. al., Epilepsy Research, Vol. 130, pp. 34-36, Feb. 2017. [Full Text

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