Zainab and Pooria won the Student Choice Award!

Pooria Shafia and Syyeda Zainab Fatmi, two of the ICSL undergraduate research assistants, presented their work in Lassonde School of Engineering summer research conference.

Their poster was titled “A Fully-Flexible 8-Channel Active-Electrode Wireless Wearable Device for Surface EEG Recording with Motion Artifact Removal”.

They competed with more than 60 other projects and received the “Students’ Choice Award”. Congrats Pooria and Zainab!

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Sam won a presentation award

Sam Guraya, an ICSL undergraduate research assistant, presented his work in Lassonde School of Engineering summer research conference.

His Presentation was titled “Machine Learning Approaches for Seizure Detection using Frontal Scalp Electrode Recordings, Spectral Energy Bands, Phase Synchrony and Electrode Position based Feature Extraction”.

His work was selected as one of the only 5  out of ~70 projects to be presented as a talk, and he won the 2nd best presentation award. Congrats Sam!

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ISCAS 2016 best paper award

June 2016: Best Paper Award, IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) 2016

Our paper, “H. Kassiri, N. Soltani, M. T. Salam, R. Genov, J. P. Velazquez, Battery-less Modular Responsive Neurostimulator for Prediction and Abortion of Epileptic Seizures”, was selected as the top Biomedical Circuits and Systems Technical Committee paper (1687 papers submitted). 

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