Our paper is accepted for oral presentation in IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC) 2020 in Boston, USA.

T. Yousefi, M. Taghadosi, A. Dabbaghian, R. Siu, G. Grau, G. Zoidl, H. Kassiri, “A 12.5mg mm-Scale Inductively-Powered Light-Directivity-Enhanced Highly-Linear Bidirectional Optogenetic Neuro-Stimulator”, IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC), Boston, MA, March 2020. 

Here is the abstract:

A mm-scale self-contained bidirectional optogenetic stimulator is presented. A novel LED driving circuit is employed allowing for fully-linear control of optical stimulation with the smallest reported 200mV headroom, significantly boosting the electrical-to-optical energy-conversion efficiency. The energy efficiency is further improved (30.46x) by custom-designed light-directivity-enhancing printed ulenses. In addition to the two stimulation channels, the SoC integrates two recording channels and is powered through an on-chip coil. Electrical, optical, and in-vitro measurement results are reported.