Together with Novela Neurotechnologies, ICSL received an NSERC engage grant for the project “Development of a wireless 8-channel neural monitoring SoC (system on a chip) for integration on a fully-flexible implantable brain-machine interface”

Closed-loop Neuromodulation, which means stimulating the brain using electrical pulses upon detection of a neurological event, is a well-known method that has been proven to be effective in treatment/control of various neurological disorders. The efficacy of such a treatment option heavily depends on continuous monitoring of the brain along with real-time processing of the recorded data to yield an accurate detection. This requires a highly-miniaturized (ideally implantable) device that integrates the three functions of monitoring, signal
processing, and stimulation while operating fully wireless. In addition to the electronics, such a device must also integrate recording/stimulation electrodes on the same platform.

The awarded project will advance the development of implantable EEG acquisition systems by designing miniaturized electronics for EEG data collection, processing, and wireless transmission. Combined with specialized electrodes made from biocompatible materials, the overall solution will overcome the limitations of current instrumentation and allow for widespread use of long-term EEG, resulting in better diagnosis and management of neurological conditions and leading to improved patient outcomes.