ICSL Director

Hossein Kassiri
Hossein KassiriAssistant Professor

Prof. Hossein Kassiri directs research at ICSL.

He has been with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at York University since July 2016, where he is an Assistant Professor.

His research interest lies in the design and development of implantable systems-on-chip for medical sensory applications with a focus on brain neurological disorders. He is also serving as the CTO of BrainCom Inc, a company he co-founded in 2015, specialized in implantable brain-computer interfaces.

For more information, please visit his personal page or contact him at here.

Graduate Students

Mansour Taghadosi
Mansour TaghadosiPhD Student
M.Sc. in ECE from American University of Sharjah
Tayebeh Yousefi
Tayebeh YousefiM.A.Sc. Student
B.Sc. in ECE from AmirKabir University of Technology
Alireza Dabbaghian
Alireza DabbaghianM.A.Sc. Student
B.Sc. in ECE from AmirKabir University of Technology
Al Freeman
Al FreemanM.A.Sc. Student
B.Sc. in ECE from Carleton University
Tania Moeinfard
Tania MoeinfardM.A.Sc. Student
B.Sc. in ECE from Iran University of Science and Technology
Fatemeh Eshaghi
Fatemeh EshaghiVisiting PhD Student

Undergraduate Students

Syyeda Zainab Fatmi
Syyeda Zainab FatmiNSERC USRA Intern
3rd year CE student at York
Nader Allam
Nader AllamB.Sc. Project Student
4th year Biophysics Student

Past Members

Mary Choi
Mary ChoiUndergraduate student intern
Computer Engineering student at York
Yonghang Tian
Yonghang TianMITACS Globalink Intern
4th-year ECE student at University of Electronic Science & Technology of China (UESTC)
Sam Guraya
Sam GurayaNSERC USRA Intern
3rd-year EE student at York
Pooria Shafia
Pooria ShafiaLURA student intern
3rd-year Biomedical and Electrical Eng student at Carleton.
Tianyu Zhan
Tianyu ZhanMITACS Globalink Intern
ECE student at Beijing Institute of Technology

Group Pictures